Oracle Seeks To Lure CentOS Users

Posted by Pavel | Posted in Linux News | Posted on 22-07-2012


Yes, Oracle strikes again. This time Oracle seeks to lure CentOS users and attract  them to Oracle Linux  by releasing a migration service designed to help Linux users to move from CentOS.

It seems that (following Oracle’s perspective) you shouldn’t switch from CentOS to RHEL, but switch to Oracle Linux and pay even more for very, very, very lousy support.

In the migration service’s page Oracle posted a laughable chart with the “update delay” comparison between Oracle Linux and CentOS. They also claim to have “a large paid team of developers, QA, and support engineers that work to make sure this is reliable.”. So they are proud comparing themselves with people that work for free and for the love of it. (Oracle, are you serious!?)

First of all, the issue that Oracle highlighted, that existed in the first 3 quarters of 2011, has been fixed. CentOS now has 2 full time developers and Johnny Hughes has created a graph that shows the same information, in 2012 (EL6 Kernel release times) that Oracle depicted:

As you can see, in 2012 CentOS has delivered the Kernels 48% faster than Oracle (25 days compared to 37 days).

CentOS also delivered the bugfix kernel for EL6 released 17 hours faster than Oracle.

The speedy updates are not just kernels … if you check turn around time for all packages in 2012, CentOS has been much faster than Oracle. Expect this to continue.

Also, expect the CR repo to be used for all future point releases … not just if the developers encounter problems.

While CentOS developers will not be petty enough to post a Migration script from Oracle Linux to CentOS (I can’t believe they posted that … REALLY?), Johnny Hughes announced that he will likely help anyone who asks him for help with that specific migration.

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